Rainbow Truck

With co-author Hina Abidi. Illustrated by Saffa Khan.

Coming in 2024 from Chronicle Books.

As she is transformed from a rusted and worn truck to a Technicolor work of art, Rainbow Truck is eager to discover what her new job will be. With a jingle, jangle, vroom!, Rainbow Truck journeys onward with her driver, wondering: Could her job be to carry cargo? Perhaps she is meant to provide shelter? Along the road from Karachi to Lahore, Rainbow Truck exchanges tea bundles for warm wool, carries delicious treats, and meets new people, but it isn’t until the end of her journey that she learns her most important job of all.

Take a ride through Pakistan in Hina Abidi and Colleen Paeff’s Rainbow Truck, an uplifting tale about a colorful truck who discovers all the wonderful things she can do. With striking illustrations by Saffa Khan, this is at once a tribute to a favorite Pakistani tradition and art form, and a celebration of the many ways we all take care of one another as we journey down the long roads and tall mountains of life. Like Rainbow Truck, honk a hello to those you meet along the way. Tootle-oo. Tootle-oo. Tootle-toot-toot-oooo!

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